• Maintaining the books of accounts in accordance with the Thailand and International Accounting Standards and to comply with the Revenue Code using the computerized accounting system.
  • Producing the monthly statements including, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Statement of Income and Detail of accounting balance.
  • Reconciliation of accounting balance.
  • Maintaining the fixed assets register.


  • Conducting an audit and expressing an opinion on the Company's financial statement.

Tax Services

  • Value Added Tax (VAT).
    • Maintaining input and output VAT report.
    • Preparing and filing monthly VAT tax return.

  • Personal Income Tax.
    • Preparing and filing monthly withholding personal income tax return
    • Preparing and filing annual personal income tax return.

  • Corporate Income Tax.
    • Preparing and filing half-year corporate income tax return.
    • Preparing and filing annual corporate income tax reurn.

  • Preparing form and submission of financial statements with the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Consultation on local tax issues.

Business Consulting Services
ANS Business Consultants provides professional and practical consulting services which are tailored to the clients' specific requirements, and aims to improve clients' capabilities with its resources to achieve its objectives.
ANS consulting services include 3 areas as follows:
  • Risk management and Internal Audit
    • Risk Management: ANS will assist clients to identify risks that businesses are facing, its causes, magnitude of impact and likelihood of occurrence, so that clients can prioritize risk. Our approach focuses on assessing where the organization wants to position itself in relation to its risk strategy and monitoring of its risk.
    • Internal Audit: ANS assists clients to start-up or re-position its internal audit function using the Risk-Based Audit Approach. We provide a full range of internal audit services that include developing an Internal Audit Plan, performing Internal Audit Fieldwork, Reporting and conducting a Follow up. Additionally, depending on client requirements and their existing internal audit capability, we also provide co-sourcing internal audit services.

  • Information Technology
    • System Evaluation and Selection: ANS assists client in identify its requirements, rationalizing its business requirements, translating to system specification, form evaluation and selection criteria.
    • IT Implementation Project management: ANS assists clients in reviewing and evaluating existing systems, in re-design, and with implementing the selected software package. We also assist in managing project progress and following up on project issues to ensure that the project meets its time line and the client objectives and expectations.

  • Business Process Re-design
    • Our service in relation to business process redesign includes consulting on the financial accounting system, managerial accounting system, and other operational systems such as procurement, fixed assets management system, inventory system, planning and budgeting system, and human resources management system and etc. The main objectives of the redesign assignment are to improve the process effectiveness, efficiency and appropriate control.

Business Advisory
  • IPO Planner:
    • Going Public is an essential paths to capital.
      How do you prepare and get there?
      Crowe - ANS has answers.

  • Financial Corporate Services:
    • Conducting financial services (Due Diligence / Valuation / M&A) which is tailored to the clients' specific requirements.

  • Business Consulting Services:
    • Provide professional and practical consulting services tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Corporate Restructuring:
    • Provide professional services both financial and organizational restructuring.
      Meet in the current age, volatility in business conditions and technology disruption.

  • CPA course training
  • In house Accounting training

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